Tuesday, 8 May 2018


Hopefully you all had a wonderful weekend in the sunshine! We are experiencing some lovely hot weather now so please make sure your child has a water bottle with them everyday and that they have sun cream on before they come to school.

We have a busy couple of weeks left before the half term holiday and because of this, Roald Dahl Day will be held in the first week back after the holiday. I will send a letter out by the end of this week giving you some more information about what we have planned. You will already have seen the letter about our trip to the London Aquarium and thank you for the reply slips that have been returned so far. Please make sure these are brought in as a soon as possible so that the kitchen has plenty of notice about lunch options.

Homework for the rest of the week is simply to find out some information about The Ascension and why this day is important. This homework could just be in the form of a conversation  between you and your child. I am not necessarily expecting them to bring any thing in.

We are also working hard on division in class. It would be really helpful if you could spend some time practising simple division questions with your child. We have discussed division in the form of 'sharing'. For example...

20 divided by 4 =

Uncle Albert was having a picnic and he made 20 sausage rolls to share between his 4 grandchildren. If they were shared out equally, how many sausage rolls does each child get?

To work this out, I have encouraged the children to draw 4 circles to represent the 4 children and then draw 20 dots inside them by putting one in each circle at a time until they have drawn 20 dots altogether. They should then be able to see how many each child gets.

We have been creating our own "stories" for division sums in class so your child may be able to think of a story if you give them a sum. However, if they find this difficult then give them a sum and a story context to explain it so that all they have to do is work out the answer.

They need to be able to divide by 10, 5, 2 and 3.

Hopefully this all makes sense. If you have any questions, please feel free to come and see me.

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