Wednesday, 28 September 2016


Hi all!

We have had a busy couple of weeks and are really settling well into Year 2.

We have been working hard on learning our number bonds and making sure that we know them off by heart. We will continue to work on this, as well as looking at bonds with other 2-digit numbers. We want to be able to know what any pair of 2-digit numbers added together makes. For example 7+6, 8+9, 5+3 etc..

In English we have been learning about different types of sentences and punctuation, which we will use in our Jack and the beanstalk stories. We have also done some wonderful writing about what makes our school great.

In Art, we have been creating pieces using natural materials, particularly leaves and if you have a look in our classroom window over the week, hopefully you will see some of our creations on display.

Next Monday, we will need some messy clothes in school for some of our art work and forest school activities. I will send out a note to explain more by the end of this week. We will also look at the artist Andy Goldsworthy, so the children may like to do a little research to find out about him.

Friday, 9 September 2016


Welcome to the Year 2 Blog!

We have had a fantastic first week in Year 2 and settled really well into our new classroom.

Thankyou to all the parents who were able to attend the meeting on Thursday morning, it was really nice to meet you all. Hopefully within the next few weeks I will have learnt each child's parents but please be patient with me until then, especially at the end of the school day! If you were not able to attend, your child should have brought home an information leaflet that was given out at the meeting. This covers the majority of what was discussed on the morning but if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to come and see me.

This week, we have spent a lot of time getting to know each other and learning about the expectations of being in Year 2. We completed some wonderful writing about our summer holidays and took part in several maths challenges and games. In RE and Art, we have been studying the Creation story and created a stunning piece of art work which is on display in the hall. Each section of the rainbow depicts a day from the Creation story and we worked really well together using paint and collage to make it. Here is a photo of the finished piece...

Next week, we will begin our English topic based around traditional tales and will read several different versions of Jack and the Beanstalk. We will also begin our enquiry into the geography of Harpenden and Kampong Ayer. In Maths, we will focus on securing our understanding of place value, putting numbers in order, using a 100 square and making sensible estimates. We will also begin our new RE topic about beginnings, thinking about how we feel about new beginnings and what we can do to prepare ourselves for new experiences.

On Tuesday, the whole school will be participating in some Roald Dahl themed activities and will focus on producing some creative writing based on some of his most popular stories and characters. If the children have a favourite Roald Dahl book at home, they are welcome to bring this in on Tuesday to share with the class. Please make sure all books are clearly labelled with their name.

We will post again in a couple of weeks.

Have a lovely weekend!