Friday, 29 January 2016


Hi all,

We have had a really exciting week. On Monday, a theatre company came in and put on a production of Robin Hood. There was lots of singing and audience participation and it was very funny!

On Tuesday, we had an educational trip to the Harpenden Town Library. We had the chance to explore the library and learn about the different events and challenges that they run for children. We were able to borrow a book with our library card and designed a book cover of our favourite book. We are excited about visiting the library more often and reading lots of stories.

In English, we have been exploring different traditional tales and reading versions of Jack and the Beanstalk that have a unusual twist from the story that we are used to. Next week we will begin to plan and write our own stories.

In Maths, we have been focussing on place value and partitioning 2 and 3 digit numbers into 'tens' and 'ones.' We then wrote them as addition sums like this:

36 = 30 + 6

162 = 100 + 60 + 2

We are going to practising subtraction sums next week.

In Art, as part of our whole school display on the them of 'new,' we have been taking photographs and turning them from ordinary to extraordinary. We explored manipulating the images using collage, paint and glitter. The results looked amazing!

In Science this morning, we had lots of fun designing an animated book showing the stages of a plant growing. We used a programme on Purple Mash and you had to draw a picture to go alongside your writing and then add sound effects.

In PSHE, we have been exploring our goals and dreams, with the help of Jigsaw Jo, and we have begun to think about how we can achieve things that we find challenging. This week we have been discussing the feeling of being 'proud' and thinking about when we have felt proud. We have made treasure chests to collect examples of our achievements that we are proud of.

Friday, 15 January 2016

Our first full week is over!

Hi all,

We have had an incredibly busy week this week with lots of exciting visitors!

On Tuesday, the Mayor of Harpenden, Mr Brian Ellis came to visit our school. He went on a tour of the school and answered lots of questions about his job and life. He then met with our school council and gave us lots of ideas for how we can raise funds and improve our school.

On Wednesday, we had lots of fun meeting author Luke Temple. He read some of his stories to us and we helped him to bring them to life by acting out the exciting parts. He then came in the following day and lots of us bought some of his books and he even signed them!

We have done some fabulous writing this week linked to our on-going topic about the Great Fire of London. We have written diary entries, imagining that we were there at the time of fire, describing what it was like. We are using so many skills in our writing now and our handwriting is improving all the time. 

We have been working really hard with counting on and back in 2's, 5's and 10's and using money to solve problems. We still need to practise this a bit more but we have really impressed Miss Lawrance with our determination.