Sunday, 17 May 2015

On Thursday during our RE lesson on the Ascension, the children worked in their Houses to create and perform a Liturgical dance based on how the disciples felt when Jesus left them and how they felt when He sent the Holy Spirit. The children listened to piano music that started of sad but as the music progressed it became happier. The children worked cooperatively together and thoughtfully performed their dance. <

In PE the children played a very successful game of Rounders – over the last few weeks they have been learning the rules and have become more skilled when fielding. Next week will be the last week of Rounders and on Thursday both Year 2 classes take part in an Inter-house Rounders competition. 

We hope you had the opportunity to enjoy the sun this weekend

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Dear Parents

In Science we are investigating living things and habitats and the children have been looking for creatures around the school grounds. We have been thinking about the 7 processes of life and they were introduced to MRS NERG last week! Ask them if they can tell you about her and what the letters in her name stand for.

We have been learning about Ascension in RE and the children worked very thoughtfully in their groups to write prayers from the disciples when Jesus left them to go to His Father.

In English we have been reading The Sheep Pig and the children are now writing their own extended stories in the style of Dick King -Smith. The children have written the beginning of their story and will add to it over the next two weeks.

Our class election last week was a great success and the children voted democratically for their preferred candidate. They were very enthusiastic and motivated and were able to explain to a visitor the preparation of a manifesto, party policies and the voting process.

We have been working on word problems in maths requiring quick recall of number bonds to 20, doubling and halving numbers up to 100 and beyond. It would be good if you can support your child in reinforcing quick recall using simple games such as ping pong - the children will be able to explain this to you. Using Matheletics is also a good way to consolidate these skills.

We have been discussing with the children ideas of an activity we could do as a class to raise money for Nepal. If you get a chance, please discuss this with your child and we will make a decision as a class at the end of this week and will let you know the outcome.

Many thanks for your continued support

Margaret Stocks & Lesley Gilfrin