Monday, 29 September 2014

Our week in 2M has started with a flurry of activity! This week in English we are looking at comprehension questions, writing poems for National Poetry Day and continuing our Katie Morag topic -lots to keep us busy!

In Maths this week we are investigating length. Today the children used decimetres to measure how long members of their group were - with some surprising results!

In Computing this half term we are looking at programming, and today the children began to use the Scratch program. They thoroughly impressed us with the amount they picked up in a short time! Lots of the children were keen to continue using Scratch, so this is the web link for the online version:

In PE this term we will be doing gymnastics on a Wednesday afternoon, and games on a Friday. The games lessons will be taking place outside, so as the weather turns (hopefully not too soon!) children will need an outdoor PE kit in school in addition to their shorts and t-shirts we will use for indoor PE lessons.

In RE this week we will be completing our topic on Beginnings. The children have produced some wonderful thoughtful psalms, and this week will be writing simple litanies. We hope to share some of this work with you during our class assembly on 10th October!

Tomorrow is the last day of September (where did that month go!?) and therefore I will be handing out the walk to school badges in the morning. I am delighted to tell you all children in the class made an active journey this month (walking, scooting, or parking and striding) so every child will receive a badge tomorrow - keep up the fantastic work 2M!

See you all in the morning,

Mrs Mobbs

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

What a busy few days we have had in 2M! We have been working on our new topic, which is all about Katie Morag and the Isle of Struay. The children have been reading Katie Morag Delivers the Mail and Katie Morag and the Two Grandmothers. They are beginning to compare characters, and I have been very impressed with how focused they have been during lessons! In PE we have started our Gymnastics unit, and this week the children were making high and low movements with their bodies. We have started our Computing unit this week; the children will be writing their own programs this term so stay tuned for examples of their work (I'd better watch out, they'll be writing the blog next!)

In Music lessons this half term we are looking at long and short sounds, Today we learnt a song which the children wanted to find out more about. I have posted the lyrics below, and have asked the children if they could find out something about the song's origins by next Wednesday, First to tell me on Wednesday will get two house points!

'Jackass wid him long tail
Bag a coco comin down'

This week I have introduced the children to 'Feedback 5' which is new to us at St Dominic's. In the morning when children come into school, they will find work from the previous day which has been marked by me or Mrs Stocks. This is the children's opportunity to take a moment to respond to the feedback we have left them - so please encourage your child to come into school and take a look through their books! Feedback is extremely important, and it is vital that children begin to respond to the comments we make in order that they can work on their targets. This is something that all classes in the school have initiated, and we hope to see the children becoming more aware of their targets and progress as a result.

We are having some technical issues with uploading photos at the moment, but I will hopefully iron this out soon and will add some pictures of our busy first couple of weeks!

I now leave the children in the very capable hands of Mrs Stocks for Thursday and Friday. See you all next week!

Mrs Mobbs

Monday, 8 September 2014


Hello and welcome to our new Year 2M blog!

Thank you to all of the parents who attended our meeting this morning, we appreciated you giving up some time on a busy Monday morning! We have spare hand outs for those who were unable to attend.

Our week has got off to a good (but busy!) start! We have started our new topic on Katie Morag by reading 'Katie Morag Delivers the Mail' and role playing alternative endings to the story. We spent some lovely time this afternoon beginning our new RE topic, which is actually called 'Beginnings'! We watched an extract from Finding Nemo as Nemo begins school, and then talked about our own experiences of beginnings.

The prayers that the children wrote for homework have started to be handed in - and the ones I have read so far are very thoughtful. They will be compiled together in our class prayer book, which children will read from at times of prayer throughout the school day.

We have an exciting day ahead tomorrow! Bishop John Sherrington will be joining us to celebrate Mass in the morning, followed by special RE themed activities to mark 50 years of being in our current building at St Dominic. We hope to see you at Mass, and I'm sure the children will have lots to tell you about their day!

See you in the morning,

Mrs Mobbs